A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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Our album was created in a hectic and tragic way, which shows up in the final result. We had many stones in the shoes for this, and everything seemed to keep us from finishing it.. But we pushed through and are proud of our finished production from the studio.

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Love, Tease The Demon
Omar, Mads, Louis, Jérémi and Tobias

Recorded at Angioni Studios(Former Death Island Studios), Mors Denmark by Marco Angioni.

Rythm Guitar: Omar Alabed
Lead Guitar: Louis Velasquez, Marco Angioni, Tobias Nørholm
Bass Guitar: Omar Alabed, Tobias Nørholm
Drums: Tobias Nørholm
Vocals: Mads Buur Holbeck

A huge Thanks to:
Klaus Tougaard. Thanks for the cooperation during the making of this project(Tease The Demon) and the album. Without you, the composition would have sucked ass! Thanks dude!

KHK. Thanks for beeing our drive ind the end, and for helping us push through and get things done. Thanks for all the good time in the practice room and studio and for making a small group, a whole band.

Louis Velasquez.
Our Hero.. the messiah coming when everything seems in the depth.. Thank you for stepping in and adapt our music so quick.. Thank you for understanding our groove and feel in the music and creating your own parts for the songs.. We would NEVER had imagined our album to turn out this great, and we can thank you for that.. Thank you <3

Special Thanks to:

Marco And Lena Angioni.
Thank you for the support during studio time. thank you for housing us. And especially, thanks for understanding our brittle little minds..
We all miss you!
Huge thanks to Marco. Without him, this album would never had been completed.

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Omar Alabed

Rythm Guitar

Louis Velasquez

Lead Guitar

Tobias Nørholm


Mads Buur Holbeck


Jérémie Protain

Bass Guitar